She Thinks Too Much [Such Girls Are Dangerous]
Jhenne [like jeans]. Or JT. Or Ty.

Black and fab. 23. Libra. ENFJ.
Bay Area. UC Berkeley Grad: Media Studies.
Writer, artist, illustrator, producer, critic, Disney Princessologist.
Benevolent Media Proprietor in training.

Portfolio here. Send an ask or an email for commission info.

I made PoCentric a word.
It's also my business standard.


I just need to let Tumblr know.


Jhenne-Bean just texted me a photo of doritos that never made it to the bottom of the vending machine.

Laughing maniacally at her misfortune rn.



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Feather Pillows
i love feather pillows
they're just
so much fluffier
until a random feather shanks you
B| yes
which is the ultimate pillow betrayal
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