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we have to consume media critically, because consuming non-oppressive media only isn’t an option. i want to discuss, explain, & refute the harmful messages instead of pretending they aren’t there or that there’s a way to avoid them altogether

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idk a lot of criticisms i get tends to boil down to “why do you let media emotionally effect you”

and like i could go look up some studies and shit done proving the many ways media effects the average person but also

that’s the point of storytelling. having an emotional effect. that is what the writer is trying to do. that’s literally the whole point.

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on a textual level, a female character can dress however she wants and shouldn’t be slut-shamed and hated for what she prefers to wear.

on a metatextual level, she might still have been designed with an intention to provide fanservice.

this means that criticising a design, as opposed to a character, is neither misogyny nor slut-shaming. being displeased about the way a character has been designed is not synonymous with hating her. 

have i made myself clear?


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fyi ‘satire’ isn’t just ‘hyperbolic exaggeration of the same shit we usually see with a disclaimer that it’s different.’ There actually has to be, like, an element of condemnation in its thesis.

It’s not ironic if it actively celebrates what it’s condemning.

just wanted to put that out there

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Dylan here. Lately some in the fandom have come under fire from many who say the constant negativity surrounding the beginning of this season of Korra is bad and we should be ashamed.

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Pow. Especially in light of how Bryke and company are patting themselves on…

Bill does not understand Moff’s Law, and like OP said, I find his attitude -disclaimer atop his blog or no- really disheartening and cause for disillusionment coming from someone involved with a show like this.

I do expect better. A lot of the fandom expects better. And that’s not a bad thing.

Expecting a show to be, yanno, GOOD is not a bad thing.

And there is a lot we could get into about meta and engagement and intended audience, but I’ll just say I do not dig how Bill has positioned this as an issue of “ITS A KIDS SHOW GUYS. GOSH!!!” and avoid a massive media studies digression on my part.

It’s not pure nostalgia goggles making us view AtLA as ‘absolutely perfect omgzorz nothing will ever live up to it Korra suxx bcuz its not the original!1!!’ and it is not only disingenuous, but willfully ignorant of Bill and Co. to make the suggestion. (To that end, critique that stems from viewing AtLA aas better isn’t wrongminded by default. AtLA was p.much objectively better. And the sooner the powers that be come to terms with that and idk, take heed of some of the critique, the better off the show will be.)

Like…how is this so hard to understand?

I just don’t expect mediocre storytelling -among other issues that op didn’t even touch- from the people who brought us Avatar the Last Airbender.

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But ask yourself: Why is there that knee-jerk rejection of any effort to “overthink” pop culture? Why would you ever be afraid that looking too hard at something will ruin it? If the government built a huge, mysterious device in the middle of your town and immediately surrounded it with a fence that said, “NOTHING TO SEE HERE!” I’m pretty damned sure you wouldn’t rest until you knew what the hell that was — the fact that they don’t want you to know means it can’t be good.

Well, when any idea in your brain defends itself with “Just relax! Don’t look too close!” you should immediately be just as suspicious. It usually means something ugly is hiding there.


- David Wong

This quote is in an article about superhero movies, but it applies to so many things.

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raise your hand if you see nothing wrong with critically analysing media even if it’s targeted just for entertainment

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