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I also took the time to make a list for anon!Disney also has:
Snow White (she is White)
Cinderella (she is White)
Aurora (she is White)
Ariel (she is also White)
Belle (who is White)
Rapunzel (she is White)
Merida (she is White)
Anna (she is White)

{{made rebloggable, by request}}

I also took the time to make a list for anon!
Disney also has:


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    Actually, she is most likely Persian based on the art direction of the movie, but that is missing the point.
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    mulan is considered a princess because she was personally appointed and recognized by the emperor himself, back in the...
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    Canonly, she isn’t a princess, but she /is/ a part of Disney’s Princess Lineup.
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    I thought the setting was the Ottoman Empire-ish so pick a random ethnicity from between Budapest and Baghdad. Then pick...
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    She’s not. Because, well, she isn’t a princess. She was the daughter of a soldier (possibly a noble, but Disney never...
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    And none of them, besides Jasmine, were born royalty. Tiana married into it and Mulan never does but is considered the...
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    Iraqi or Saudi Arabian? Actually curious.
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    actually she’s Arabian…
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