She Thinks Too Much [Such Girls Are Dangerous]
Jhenne [like jeans]. Or JT. Or Ty.

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i dunno it seems like theres this semi elite crew folks that like clique really hard that i follow, usually cenetered around kam (niggaimdeadass)

I assumed that’s what anon meant, haha. ~*Black tumblr*~ goes beyond that group of peeps, though they may be what comes to mind initially/ultimately.

So if that’s your def, then no, I wouldn’t count myself as part of that group of friends, since I don’t talk to them for the most part, lol. I’m just not cool enough to be a mac.

This is a really whatever subject for me, tho, anon(s). Still black/still tumblr-user/still talk to other black peeps so it’s whateverrrr, haha. 

I have nothing insighitfuul to say whatsoever, a girl is just tryin to watch Real Husbands of Hollywood~

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  1. ultravioletrai said: That came on today?! BET (in no way was referring to the actual channel tho)
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