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It is often difficult for me to go into the young adult section of a book store. It should be easy. I have about 2 million books for young people in print.

But I know before I turn up the aisle what I will find — shelves of books about young people who look nothing like the ones I write about. The kids on the covers will have great adventures, solve mysteries, wrestle with bullying or save the world again. But these books do not, and cannot tell the full story of America and what all of her children are capable of accomplishing. For this to happen, we need more books about African-American youth and other kids of color…”

Not only in books but in television and movies too.  It’s because of this that as a four year old (I don’t remember this but my mother told me about it), that I said I wanted to be white because according to all the media and entertainment I had been fed only white kids got to go on adventures and do fun and exciting things.

And I think it’s funny how if you look at one of the first comments basically saying “race shouldn’t matter as long as it’s a good story” which in a perfect world would be true; but that’s easy to say if you’re white and are the standard demographic who gets catered to with almost every story out there (in the US). But I’ve talked about this too much so I’ll stop and let you read the article for yourself.

This is so important.  This is a feeling I don’t ever want my daughter to feel and it needs to change pronto.  Who’s with me?


the comments.

Here’s a gem:

I believe there are many other ways that we can have racial equality. And anyways, there ARE many many books out there about colored people and their adventures, etc. I don’t think that we necessarily need this change, because there are many classics that deal with African Americans, such as To Kill a Mockingbird. The Hunger Games trilogy is a great one, and the writing style and the characters are fine the way they are. African-Americans have their own TV station dedicated to them, just putting that out there..

Oh thanks, “Avid reader.”

That settles things, then. 

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