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Once upon a time, I had to write a script for class: Hexbreaker.

One day I’ll make a BIG POST of my plotbunnies/ideas in the making. Maybe it’ll get a tumblr page of its own idk. 

It’s an old story that I feel would work much better as a book (albeit perhaps one with comic pages interspersed.) There are some scenes that I adore in their cinematic version than I do in text; there are some things you can achieve visually that can’t quite be captured the same way when writing. Something that you can really draw out with pictures/in motion might end up a throwaway line in a novel, for example- at least the way I write. 

Anyway, this is one of the scenes I’m kind of fond of. This is a montage where the main character (Alina) is trying a few light cleansing spells to break her client’s (Aaron) curse. 

Alina’s family breaks curses for a living, she doesn’t want to (I JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL) and has been succeeding in putting the call on hold for seventeen years, but this time she’s got to take the job for reasons that escape me atm. She’s not too great at it right off the bat. This is what ensues. 





— INT. ALINA’S BATHROOM – DAY –- Alina reads the printed instructions from their place on the counter, a cup in hand. Aaron watches her. MOS Alina recites the spell, making grand gestures with her free hand. She unceremoniously throws water in Aaron’s face. Aaron flips his hair out of his face glaring. She smiles sheepishly.

— INT. ALINA’S KITCHEN – DAY -– Alina pours a thick, sickly green liquid from a blender and hands it to Aaron. Aaron pinches his nose and chugs it. Alina watches him expectantly. Aaron shrugs and she smiles. His eyes bulge as he claps a hand over his mouth, running out of the room. Alina drags a hand over her face.

— EXT. ALINA’S BACKYARD – DAY – Aaron holds a hose as he fills a kiddie pool. Alina reads the instructions, as Aaron switches the flow off. Aaron walks over to skim the instructions over her shoulder, looking skeptical. Without looking up, Alina shoves him into the pool. Aaron surfaces, sputtering, and Alina extends a Ziploc of salt to him. He grins and pulls her in.

— INT. ALINA’S BATHROOM - DAY — Alina waves a blow-dryer between a frowning Aaron and herself with one hand, and stirs a mortar and pestle with the other. She takes a handful of powder in her hand and holds it in front of the dryer, hitting Aaron. He glares.


“…As the smoke begins to lift,

gently circle your hands through

the smoke toward you and around

you. Then, slowly carry the

smudge to every part of the…”

— EXT. ALINA’S BACKYARD – DUSK – Alina hands Aaron a bowl filled with sage. She explains and gestures wildly. She does jazz hands, snakes her hands through the air, and gives a thumbs up. She reaches into her pocked and pulls out a package of matches. Aaron’s eyes widen.


Aaron and Alina sit in the pile of floor pillows. Aaron watches Alina cautiously, and hugs a fire extinguisher to his chest. One of his sleeves is charred.


Okay, I found a really good sounding one this time. No, I promise!

[[[[[AND SCENE]]]]]

You know what’s sad?

This was scripted so fucking sexily. It was the most gorgeous formatting ever. 

And I have no idea how to put it on tumblr that way :’D

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