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hahahaha ok i am going to bed bc i was scrolling and the shadow of my own finger caught my attn re: peripheral vision and I was like “wtf is that?!” SO 

lmao night y’all

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KATE nO omg

I’m going to go beat up some clerks at best buy and see where I go from there, lol.

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cthakitty replied to your post: oh my god okay so i bought a floor mod…

is pink lemonade tottally dead? like beyond hope of repairs? because if even it crashed it might still be possible to get some of your data back.

hahaha naw pink lemonade is helllllllladead. Like, to the third power. (The problem was the powerjack, and replacing that = cost of another laptop anyway.)

Pink’lem died in the line of duty and served me well tho. I hope she’s frolicking searching the web in the big…lap…in the sky? Idk. this thought got away from me 

It’s not my files I am sad over— I had an external hard drive and primarily used Evernote and other ~cloud~ based stuff, so pretty much anything important to me is still more or less intact. 

I just need to have an actual functional computer, lol. 

Not a shitty 2006 laptop that logs out of the wifi ever twenty third minute. 

Not a desktop that will graphically fail when the fuck ever.

Not a phone.

~*a real computer*~

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Track: The Breakdown
Artist: Prince



After his shock re-signing with Warner, Prince is keeping the surprises going with the spontaneous release of The Breakdown: a wistful and refreshingly timeless-sounding Prince ballad complete with a characteristically dramatic vocal breakdown - the Purple One is back on form.

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if everybody got a free miniature animal at birth that protected you, like a tiny elephant or dragon, the world would be a better place.

write a book

You could call it The Golden Compass

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i am so grumpy over this shit tho
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oh my god okay so i bought a floor model laptop and it is the sexiest 2-in-1 thing like omg beautiful and I actually dig the sony digitizer stylus and how well it’s picked up on the table mode hooray how great I can try some non-vector art finally! so of course the bottom half of the touch screen doesn’t fucking workbecause of course

so now I get to go back to best buy and be pissed off to the max and get a refund? A different computer (probs not because i’m fucking broke |D)? A headache? We just don’t know but it was nice having a good laptop for less than thirty six hours 



i just saw a green line flicker on the desktop screen i.e. what happened last time before the big crash of 2013

like really if this happens again and I am left with 0 computers I am going to quit at everything


all the things

e v e r y t h i n g 

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*sees black person irl* what the fuck? is this some tumblr social justice bullshit?

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